I met this Indian princess …

That’s the first line of the song 12. A mesmerising pop song about the sensorical meeting between exotic and Western culture released on the album Kokoro Remakes. 16 interpretations of Per Bloch’s eight love songs in eight different languages on Kokoro. The single 12 is the new track of the albums and in the chorus Per Bloch sings:

It’s not even 12, and I’m already in love

The lyrics are written and the dance school Nrityagram in Bangalore and that’s also the origin of the cover photo for the single. The Finnish-Danish art photographer Lukas Renlund has turned Per Blochs simple video recording from a country road outside Pondicherry in southern India into a music video butterflying lyrics and warm intense pictures.

Kokoro Remakes og 12 is out on streaming services and as download.