Four live tracks from two concerts playing the Kokoro album live. Performed at National Observatory of Athens and Nunatta Isiginnaartitsisarfia – The National Theatre of Greenland during Nuuk Nordic Cultural Festival. Words in Finnish, Greenlandic, and Danish. Avosylin (Open Arms), Soorlu sinnattoq (Like in a dream), Månestøv (Moon Dust), and a tribute to the full moon of Greece.

Listen to the four songs in the player below.

The collaborators are: Seqininnguaq Qitura L. Poulsen (vocals, GL), Pauliina Oinonen (vocals, FI), Crysta Corniza (electronics and vocals, GR), Christine Raft (piano, DK), Peet Morrison (cello, AU), Jesper Skovgaard (electronics, DK), Mikkel Gemzøe (mastering, DK) and Per Bloch (vocals and electronics, DK/GL).

Photo by Morten Eggert